CREDITS ICONE: The Noun Project

  1. “Report Document” icon by &, from
  2. “File plugged” icon by Aybige, from
  3. “Cogeneration” icon by Fabio Rinaldi, from
  4. “Energy Efficiency House” icon by Becris, from
  5. “House” icon by dDara, from
  6. “Lamp” icon by DODO, from
  7. “Lens” icon by Aldric Rodríguez, from
  8. “House Roof” icon by Symbolon, from
  9. “Sound on” icon by Juli, from
  10. “Garbage” icon by UNiCORN, from
  11. “Leaves” icon by Federico Panzano, from
  12. “Approved” icon by Yazmin Alanis, from
  13. “Water” icon by Surangkana Jomjunyong, from
  14. “Analysis” icon by Oksana Latysheva, from
  15. “Reflective Vest” icon by Symbolon, from
  16. “Engineer” icon by Georgiana Ionescu, from
  17. “Hard Hat” icon by David Gomez, from
  18. “Fire Extinguisher” icon by Lilit Kalachyan, from
  19. “Gloves” icon by David Gomez, from
  20. “Construction Barrier” icon by Vectors Market, from
  21. “Content Management System” icon by Creative Mahira, from
  22. “Gantt Chart” icon by Jeremy Boatman, from
  23. “Group” icon by Gregor Cresnar, from
  24. “Flow Chart” icon by Juan Pablo Bravo, from
  25. “SEO” icon by Gregor Cresnar, from
  26. “Paper” icon by zidney, from
  27. “Energy” icon by Rudez Studio, from
  28. “Digitalization” icon by Ralf Shmitzer, from
  29. “Business” icon by Turkkub, from
  30. “training” icon by Tomacon, from
  31. “organization” icon by Gregor Cresnar, from
  32. “Privacy” icon by Arafat Uddin, from
  33. “Europe Flag” icon by abeldb, from
  34. “Energy” icon by Gregor Cresnar, from
  35. “E-Commerce” by Fantastic from the Noun Project
  36. “export” by Artdabana@Design from the Noun Project
  37. “ad” by matias porta lezcano from the Noun Project
  38. “publicity” by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project
  39. “solution” by Mello from the Noun Project
  40. “solution” by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project
  41. “Bacteria” by Icons Producer from the Noun Project



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